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HSSC - Volunteer Application
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1. Volunteer Applicant Full Name (First Name & Last Name): *
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12. Are you volunteering to get credit for school (elementary, high school, college)? *
13. How did you find out about HSSC? *
14. Have you had pets in the past? *
15. Are you actively involved in breeding your animals? *
16. Have you ever bred any of your animals in the past? *
17. If you have no rescue or shelter experience, why do you feel compelled to do this type of volunteer work? *
18. Please provide two personal references (non-family members). Include names and numbers, along with best time to contact each reference. *
19. Please list any rescue or shelter experience you have, including type of work performed, name, address, phone number and email address of facility, and name of organization representative. *
20. Are you interested in Fostering? - Open your home to a rescued animal and provide transportation to/from adoption events at Petsmart Sisk Rd Modesto, Wellness Clinic on Carpenter Rd in Modesto, & the vet in either Modesto or Turlock. We can provide food, unless you would like to do that. HSSC covers all medical expenses related to the foster animal. (Please also answer *** FOSTER ONLY *** questions at bottom of application). *
21. Are you interested in being on the Adoption Event Team? We are in the process of revamping our Adoption Event Team in to a team of Adoption Counselors. We are looking for people who enjoy talking to others about what they are looking for in a companion animal, learn what are the standards for approving adoptions, and following up with the adopters post adoption. Adoptions are currently held Friday & Saturday 1pm - 7pm at Petsmart on Sisk Rd in Modesto. We are looking to expand to more locations soon! (Some exceptions may apply.) *
22. Are you interested in being on the Data Entry Team? The Data Entry Team is responsible for ensuring each animals information is up to date in our computer system called Animal Shelter Manager, "ASM" for short. Each animal is assigned a paper file, and a number to make it easy to search for them in the system. All of the animals information is placed in the file and written on it's wellness form, and then entered into ASM. Sounds simple right? Well it is once you've had a little one on one training. A day in the life of a Data Entry volunteer goes like this. You will be handed a stack of files to enter. You search for the animal using it's assigned number, and then review the wellness form for any information that has not yet been entered. Typical items entered are microchip information, spay/neuter date, vaccinations, flea and deworm info. Once complete, the files go back into the filing cabinet. You will have a trainer with you when ever you're in the office who's happy to answer your questions, and direct you how to enter the information. It's easy to navigate and enter information into this user friendly system. *
23. Are you interested in doing Cage Cleaning? - This is such an important aspect in getting cats and kittens adopted when HSSC is not running an adoption event. Cage Cleaners have the important task of interacting with our cats in-house and readying them for their new homes. Cleaners main job is keeping the cages clean, feeding/giving fresh water, cleaning litter boxes and just keeping the cats in tip top condition to be seen by the public. Its a great way to be apart of HSSC and caring for our cats if you are unable to foster. Cleaning normally takes around an hour to an hour and a half to complete but you are more than welcomed to spend as much time with the cats/kittens as you’d like. Some cleaners clean multiple days a week and others a few days a month it is all dependent on what works for you and your schedule. If you are interested come join our team, the kitties of HSSC will greatly appreciate it! *
24. Are you interested in being on the Wellness Clinic Team? We hold Wellness Clinics currently every Tuesday from 3:30pm - 7:00pm to ensure the best care possible is provided to animals going through our adoption program. We need people to take pictures which will go up on our Facebook page, Adopt-A-Pet, Pet Finder, & used for printed materials. We also need help with copying, ensuring our vaccinators keep on schedule, paper filing, and miscellaneous office work.
25. Are you interested being a Wellness Clinic Vacinator? - If you have experience giving vaccinations to either people or animals and would like to assist in ensuring our animals are up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and microchiping we could use your help. We currently run Wellness Clinic on Tuesdays from 5:30pm - 7pm and are looking to start another day soon. *
26. Are you interested in being a Colony Feeder? - Colony Feeder - Sign up for Sunday – Saturday to help feed feral and tame cats that are located at our colony. HSSC will provide the food, unless you would like to provide food to feed the cats. There are several cats that need caring for which includes giving the cat’s dry food and fresh water. *
27. Are you interested in being on the TNR (Trapping) Team? - This is part of our TNR program for the cats in Stanislaus County. Our team of trappers is very active. HSSC will provide humane cat traps. You trap non-ear-tipped cats and they then transported to the shelter located on Crows Landing in Modesto so the cats can be spayed/neutered. The cats will be released by the HSSC TNR (Returning) Team. *
28. Are you interested in being on the TNR (Returning) Team? - This is part of Feral Freedom program offered through Stanislaus Animal Services Agency ("SASA"). HSSC teamed up with SASA to release cats brought in to their shelter on Cornocopia in Modesto in order to make the Feral Freedom program possible. SASA will spay/neuter healthy cats and these healthy cats may make it to SASA's adoption program or be picked up by a non-profit 501c3 rescue, those cats that are not adoptable and do not get rescued require transporting to their original location of where they were trapped. By law cats must be returned to the address their were trapped at and cannot be relocated. This is where HSSC volunteers come in! HSSC volunteers use their own vehicles and gas to transport ear tipped cats back to their original location. *** REQUIRES SIGNUP AT SASA, along with HSSC volunteer application ***
29. Are you interested in doing Fundraising & Event Planning Team? - Fundraising & Event Planning Team - We are in the process of setting up our 2017-2018 fiscal year fundraisers. We are looking for people who want to help take the lead on a fundraiser, for people who want to help do the leg work, and for people who want to be the helper bees! Our goal is to raise a significant amount of money to both help fund our current efforts and to help raise funds for our long term goal... to create and build the 1st "no-kill" facility in Stanislas county! *
30. Are you interested in Community Outreach Team? - HSSC has multiple projects under community outreach including the Pet Food Pantry, Church in the Park, and community events. We currently are looking for people to help us find additional food sources to help keep our pantry full, people to help pass out food on Sunday's at Church in the Park, and to help man tables to spread the exciting news about who we are and where we are going! *
31. When completing a Volunteer Application you are automatically signed up to receive email updates based on your volunteer interest and to be kept informed about HSSC upcoming events. Please initial that you understand you will be receiving email communication from HSSC. *
32. By typing my name below I am providing an electronic signature and I acknowledge my answers are true and correct. I also give permission for a volunteer of HSSC to contact my personal references. I agree to follow the Volunteer Code at all times. I will remember that in all my dealings with the public as a volunteer, I am representing HSSC, and that the public will consider my words and actions regarding rescue activities representative of the attitude and positon of HSSC as an organization. If I enter into activities of a political or controversial nature, I am doing so an individual, separate from HSSC. • I understand that as an individual, I cannot enter into agreements for the organization; any such activity will be forwarded to the HSSC Board of Directors • I accept full responsibility of expenses incurred by myself as a volunteer for HSSC. Although I may be reimbursed by HSSC, I must have prior approval from an office of the Board of Directors, as well as the necessary documentation and receipts. • I will always remember that I represent a non-profit organization and cannot profit from any activity related to the organization • I understand that HSSC cannot guarantee or be held responsible for health, behavior, or temperament of any animal I may handle. • I understand that HSSC volunteer applications are subject to a reference check • I understand that it is my decision to volunteer for HSSC and I will not hold HSSC, nor any of its members, liable for any damage, injure or harm caused directly or indirectly through my volunteer activities. *
33. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Are you currently fostering for any other organization such as Stanislaus Animal Services Agency or another rescue?
34. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Do you live in a…
35. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** I currently…
36. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** If "Rent" above, Landlord’s Name & Phone Number:
37. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Number of adults in home:
38. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Number of children in home & ages:
39. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Do all members of your household want to foster a pet?
40. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** May we visit your home for a basic safety and security check?
41. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Current Pets - (1) Names, (2) Dogs/Cats, (3) Breed, (4) Gender, (5) Are all shots up to date?, (6) Are they spayed/neutered?
42. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** My DOG fostering preferences are…
  • I'm not interested in fostering a dog
  • Bottle feeding Puppies
  • A Puppy
  • Multiple Puppies
  • A Dog
  • Multiple Dogs
  • A Pregnant Mom
  • A Mom w/ Litter of Puppies
  • I'd like to foster a Dog that needs socialization
  • I'd like to foster any dog that needs help
43. *** FOSTERS ONLY ***My CAT fostering preferences are…
44. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Please indicate any restrictions on fostering (i.e. weight limits, gender, types of dogs / cats ):
45. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Can you provide the pet(s) adequate shelter during the foster period?
46. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Do you have a fenced yard?
47. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Where will the animal be kept during the day?
48. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Where will the animal be kept during the night?
49. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Can you provide the pet(s) regular meals and nourishment?
50. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Where will your foster animal stay when you are not at home?
51. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Can you provide transportation to a veterinarian name by HSSC for treatment approved by HSSC?
52. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Can you provide transportation to Wellness Clinic on Carpenter Rd in Modesto for vaccinations, deworming, monthly flea treatments, & to have their photo taken?
53. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** Can you provide transportation to and from adoption events?
54. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** What circumstances would cause you to return a foster animal to us?
55. *** FOSTERS ONLY *** By initiating below, you acknowledge that it is a policy of HSSC that you while you are fostering an HSSC animal you understand you may not foster for any other organization to avoid potential cross contamination and conflicts of interest.
56. *** FOSTERS ONLY ** By typing my name below I am stating that all of the above information I have given is true and complete. I agree to follow all the rules and procedures of HSSC. I understand that I will decide whether or not to foster any particular animal. I will not hold HSSC responsible for any damage, injury, or harm caused directly or indirectly to any person or property by any foster animal. I assume the risks of being bitten, scratched, injured, made ill, or frightened by dogs, puppies, cats, and/or kittens in connection with my volunteer work for HSSC. I hereby for myself, my heirs, administrators and assigns, fully, irrevocably and unconditionally release and agree to hold harmless HSSC, its individual members, and any venue at which HSSC may hold an adoption event, or fund raising event, including but not limited to, PetSmart, from any and all known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, suspected or unsuspected and/or fixed, conditional or contingent, actions, causes of action, charges, suits, debts, demands, claims, contracts, covenants, liens, rights, liabilities, losses, royalties, costs, expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) or damages, including but not limited to any illnesses, medical costs, damages to property, persons or other pets, of every kind, nature and description, at law or in equity, in connection with or arising from any action or failure to act on my part or the parts of others while I am fostering and/or volunteering for HSSC, or for any negligent act or omission by HSSC. If I fail to abide by the terms of this Application & Waiver or if I am otherwise unable to meet the requirements of the foster and/or volunteer program, which are subject to change from time to time, I understand that I will be terminated from the program. I also understand that I may at any time be removed from my position as a foster and/or volunteer by action of the board of directors, and that I will be notified in writing or email should that occur. Any dispute arising between the parties with respect to this Waiver and Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration under the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association then in effect. The venue for such arbitration shall be the County of Stanislaus, California. The parties agree to submit to jurisdiction and venue in Modesto, California for purposes of such arbitration. I, the undersigned, have read the above requirements and conditions and understand them fully. I hereby certify that I am at least eighteen years of age and that all statements made on this form are true and correct.