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TCC Competition Primer Survey
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3. Competition Division (based on age as of 01 JUL 11 or 7yrs by contest date). <Required> *
4. NAR Number (NONE or PENDING if you don't have a number). <Required> *
5. If you are using the primers to get ready for a contest, please enter the contest name, location, date and host.
6. Competition Experience Level. <Required> *
7. Which GENERAL COMPETITION INFORMATION articles did you find useful? <Required> *
  • I did not review a General Competition Information article
  • TCC NAR Competition 101
  • TCC NAR Competition Strategy and Tactics
  • Contest Etiquette (Wickart)
  • Beginning Competition - the RSVP Principle (Wickart)
  • Guide to NAR Contest Rocketry Information for Beginners (Vincent)
  • Competition Parachute Construction and Packing (Kaplow)
  • Pink Book Light
  • Gassaway's TAKE NO PRISONERS
8. What are your comments on the General Competition Information section?
9. Which Competition Primer did you review? <Required> *
  • I did not review a Primer
  • Altitude (ALT)
  • Boost Glider Duration(BG)
  • Cluster Altitude (CA)
  • Classic Model (CM)
  • Concept Scale (CSC)
  • Drag Race (DR)
  • Dual Egg Lofting Altitude (DEL)
  • Dual Egg Lofting Duration (DED)
  • Egg Lofting Altitude (ELA)
  • Egg Lofting Duration (ELD)
  • Flex-Wing Boost Glider Duration (FW)
  • Helicopter Duration (HD)
  • Parachute Duration (PD)
  • Payload (PAY)
  • Plastic Model Conversion (PMC)
  • Precision Altitude (PRA, RDA, STA)
  • Precision Duration (PRD, RDD, STD)
  • Radio Controlled Glider (RCG)
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Rocket Glider Duration (RG)
  • Scale (SC)
  • Scale Altitude (SCA)
  • Space Systems (SPSY)
  • Sport Scale (SPSC)
  • Spot Landing (SL)
  • Streamer Duration (SD)
  • Super Scale (SUSC)
  • Super-Roc Altitude (SRA)
  • Super-Roc Duration (SRD)
10. How useful was the Primer? <Required> *
  • I did not review a Primer
  • Somewhat useful
  • Useful
  • Very useful
  • No Opinion
  • Not Useful
11. What are your comments on the Competition Primers?
12. Do you have any other comments on NAR competition in general?